Monday, July 7, 2014

week 1

Dear family, friends, and whoever ends up reading this,
     My first week here at the MTC is going great!! When I first got here, it felt like I had been sucked into a tornado because there was so much stuff I was given and so many places I had to go. Overwhelming for sure, but after the first day, everything started to seem to slow down and I seemed to get a hold of myself.  It keeps getting better and better every day. I love it! The first evening we had a devotional with the MTC presidency. Of course President Nally called me up to bear my testimony. I met my new companion, Elder Peterson, who is from Centerville, Utah. He's awesome! I can already tell that he has a strong testimony and a sincere desire to work hard and share the gospel. 
      On Thursday, Elder Peterson and I had to go to the nurse for Immunization stuff, so we left class. After we were done, we had no idea where our zone had gone and where we were supposed to be. So we were walking around with some other sisters in our zone trying to find out where we were supposed to be. We didn't find them, so we decided to go back up to our classroom. On the way, we finally thought to say a prayer, so we said we would once we got up to the room. We got up to the room, nobody was there, so we folded our arms, and even before Elder Peterson said a word, he noticed a note on the board that told us exactly where our zone was. It was pretty cool to see that the Lord is mindful of each of us and willing to bless us if we will only reach out and ask Him.
     Later that night we went to our first meeting with the Branch Presidency. While we were being interviewed, the rest of us were discussing quotes and scriptures. Once I got back from mine, I made a comment how Heavenly Father is offering us Eternal Life, or in essence, all that He has, and so we as missionaries shouldn't be at all afraid to give all that we have for only two short years. Then Sister Oswald, the Branch President's Wife said that my companion had said almost the exact same thing while I was in my interview. It is cool to see already that our companionships really are inspired by our Father in Heaven. 
     At the end of that meeting, Elder Peterson and I were called as the Zone Leaders, which means that we will be administrating around 28 missionaries, or our "zone." I'm excited to learn the ways of leadership!
     On Friday, we talked a lot about the Doctrine of Christ, which is essentially the steps of Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentence, Baptism by immersion, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End, and I finally understood that Baptism essentially cleanses us of our sins, just as you can wash something with water, and essentially brings us back to ground 0, but then the Holy Ghost, or the "baptism by fire," goes even further and purifies us, much like fire can purify precious metals, elevating us to a higher level. We also taught our first lesson to our investigator, Isa, which went really well.
     Oh and Happy Independence Day to everyone! We didn't think we were going to celebrate at all, but we went to a devotional and ended up watching 17 Miracles and then getting ice cream and watching the fireworks outside afterwards. It was great!
     Alright well that's all for now. I hope everyone is doing well back home and wherever else you may be! I'm so glad to be out here serving my Heavenly Father! The Church is true!
     Elder Fullmer

P.S. - I'll try to send some pictures, but it looks like it might not work on this computer.

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