Thursday, July 24, 2014

week 3

Hi everyone! 
So we got up at 3:30 Tuesday morning last week to get to the train, then another train, and then finally to the airport. I also got to see Sister Shogan at the airport, which was cool. So we got to St. Louis, and met President and Sister Morgan, who are both extremely nice. I can already tell that they will be wonderful to serve with and seek guidance from. We stopped by the St. Louis Temple before going to the mission home. (The St. Louis Temple is HUGE compared to Spokane's) We spent the night at the Morgan's home and then went the following morning to Transfer meeting. I met my new companion, Elder Petersen (Again), and when I first met him, he ran up and picked me up in a huge bear hug. (As you can see in the picture, he's a lot bigger than me) So we are serving in Fenton, which is a suburb South of St. Louis. Mom and Dad, where did we live in St. Louis? We are also White washing, meaning that neither Elder Petersen or I have served in this area. So that has kind of added to the stress. We have one progressing investigator that we just barely met yesterday, so we have been tracting a lot in attempt to find new investigators. I was surprised that door knocking really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! We went to church on Sunday, which was really nice. In Gospel Principles, we talked about Prayer. It was made mention that the purpose of prayer is to align our will with that of God, and so if we go into it with an attitude of humility and real intent to follow God's will, we really shouldn't be afraid to go to him with any of our concerns or wants. We will also have much more meaningful prayers as well. We pray SOOO much here in the mission field. It's wonderful. Oh and we get to go to a Cardinal's game tomorrow. YAY!!! Alright well I'm out of time now. Miss you all! The Church is true!

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