Monday, August 4, 2014

week 5

Hello everbody!

Another wonderful week out in the midwest!

So a few experiences to share for this week:

This Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting, and it was just superb. There was an ongoing theme of how God loves each and every one of us and then also about the power of Temples. It was great. 

After Church we went and tried visiting a less active. We met her, but sadly she said that she wanted her records taken off the list. It's sad to see people not accept the innumerable amount of blessings that are just sitting waiting for them. Then we went and knocked on some nearby doors. We then met this lady, Gina, who we could both tell REALLY needed the Gospel. We shared a bit about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and gave her our number, but couldn't set another appointment because she was leaving to Tennessee for this week. We really hope that she calls sometime. (I feel like Elder Calhoun from the Best Two Years).

Other than that we have had quite a few appointments fall through this week, which is really disappointing, but we keep trying hard to find people and emphasize how essential this Gospel is to everyone.

We went and gave a blessing to a man in the Hospital near us earlier this week. I got to give the blessing which was such a cool experience. I found it amazing to be able to feel the Spirit speaking through me and also how much God knew that man. He definitely knows each and every one of us, and even though I may not know who is prepared to hear this message, He does, and He has promised to guide us to find them when they are ready. We are hoping to find a really solid investigator soon.

I also started reading Jacob 5 this morning, which is a pretty tough chapter in the Book of Mormon. I was amazed that when I really engaged myself in my study and prayed before reading, I was blessed to be able to understand more and more of the scriptures. The scriptures really do become your best friend out here. They are absolutely amazing, and they truly do testify of our Savior Jesus Christ and what He did so that each of us have the opportunity to return to live with our Father in Heaven one day.

It's hard to believe that I've been out for over a month now!! Time flies!!

I miss all of you, but I'm so happy to be serving in this wonderful work. 

The Church is True!

Elder Fullmer

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