Tuesday, August 19, 2014

week 7

So just so everyone knows, I have not been anywhere near the riots here in St. Louis. They are more in the Northern part.

I Don't have too much time, so this week will be kind of short.

We had a really rewarding week this week. Lots of appointments that went through, and lots of new investigators who show a lot of potential.

One quick experience:
We were teaching this family, Ereberta and her two kids Gabby and Nicholas, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We got to the end of the lesson and I noticed that the boy, Nick, was kind of zoning out. We had talked with him before and found out that he really likes Baseball, so the thought popped into my head of relating Enduring to the End to Running the bases. We get to first when we have faith in Jesus Christ. We get to Second when we repent of past wrongs. We get to third when we are Baptized and Confirmed. Then do we just sit down and stop at third? NOO!! We run as hard as we can all the way back to home plate. That is when we finish. It was cool to see the Spirit speak through me so that I can help each investigator understand and appreciate this Gospel.

We also had really great lessons with Gina and Zack, who are both new. We are hoping to have a Church tour with Amanda tomorrow, and we are really excited about that.

I love this work so much! I was reading in DC 138 this week, which I was amazed at how wonderful the knowledge of the Spirit World is.

The Church is True!

Elder Fullmer

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