Tuesday, May 12, 2015

week 43

We've had a pretty good week this week. The weather has been really nice as well, which makes it nice to be outside.

Monday evening we had a couple lessons lined up, but the fell through. But God provides, and we ended up teaching two unexpected lessons and picking up 3 new investigators! 

Tuesday we had District Meeting in the morning, which I got to give a training on studying in order to receive God's will. It was really neat comparing our study time to the time the Savior spent in Gethsemane as He took upon Him not His own will, but the will of the Father.

Wednesday morning we did service at the food pantry, which is always good. Afterwards our ride took us out to eat at a really good Mexican restaurant called Chimi's. It was really good. That evening we had Bible Study, and two of our investigators, Torianne and Tori, came! They loved it and are excited to come back this week! It was great!

Thursday we had an appointment fall through, but we last minute set up a lesson with a recent convert named Catrena. We got there with our Ward Mission Leader and were surprised to see that Catrena had a relative over at her house. We invited her to join in on the discussion, and we ended up teaching a powerful Restoration, where she felt and recognized the Spirit testifying that these things were true. It was so cool to have God place her in our path so she could learn of this wonderful message.

Friday morning we were able to meet with a less active, Sister Moore, and then teach one of our investigators named Dorris.

Saturday we were riding our bikes down the road, when I heard a crash behind me. Elder Vergara had gotten a wheel caught on a curb and had been thrown from the bike! Luckily nothing was broken, and for the most part he's OK. Mostly just scratches and soreness. That afternoon we taught Rosemary and Walter, a Spanish part member couple.

Sunday we had an awesome time at Church. It was the first Fast and Testimony Meeting we've had since January! It was great to hear the wonderful testimonies of the members of this ward. Sadly, no investigators came to Church, but I definitely felt uplifted and energized from being there.  That evening we met with the Walls again. Brother Wall has been looking for an answer for quite some time as to when he should be baptized. We really feel he is ready, but he needs an answer that now is the time. Please keep him in your prayers!

The topic of discussion in Priesthood yesterday was the talk by Elder Oaks this past General Conference about the parable of the Sower, found in Mark Chapter 4. I thought it interesting that the two things that stopped the seeds from growing were barriers and parasites. In a spiritual sense, those are two things that really block our growth as well. Barriers most often arise because we are either offended by somebody or our own understanding is limited, causing us to doubt and choose not to work around the issue, while in all reality we can choose to grow around that barrier, much like the roots of a plant, and continue to sink deeper into the rich soil of the Gospel. Parasites are really anything that divert our time and energy away from our spiritual growth. Much like the thorns that choked the small plant in the parable, there are many things in this world that, if allowed, will steal away our time, attention, and energy, so that we don't have enough to grow ourselves. 

However, I know that if we consistently do those simple things, daily personal and family prayer and scripture study, weekly church attendance, regular temple worship, and weekly family home evening, then neither of these things will hinder our spiritual growth. When we do these things, our focus is on the Savior Jesus Christ, who will help us learn and grow in ways we never thought possible. 

I love you all, and I love this work!

The Church is True!


Elder Fullmer

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"We found like three of these little baby bunnies outside our apartment. Spring is here!"

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"Biking is the best!"

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