Tuesday, May 12, 2015

week 44

We have had an amazing week this past week. I couldn't think of a better week to end a transfer.

Monday, we were able to pick up a new investigator named Andre. One of the things he wanted most was a King James Bible. He has great faith that it can help him in his life, and we're working on helping him see that the Book of Mormon can help him just as much, if not more.

Tuesday morning we had District Meeting, which went well. That evening we went to mutual and talked with the Young Men about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how to share it. It was really neat to see them so eager to share a Book of Mormon with someone they knew. After that, we stopped by a teenage recent convert named Josh. He's awesome.

Wednesday morning we had service as usual, which is always fun. That evening we had Bible Study.

Thursday we got to teach Dorris the Plan of Salvation. It was neat to see her make the connections about what this really means for her. She still seems very apprehensive about it, but she is very curious about it. That evening we had a dinner with Sister Moore, a less active we've been working with. She was really excited about having us over, and she even brought two nonmember friends! It was great!

Friday morning we did some service at a member's house, cleaning out gutters. After that we had weekly planning. Then we visited with Torian and Tori, the young unmarried couple with a baby on the way. That was super cool. We talked about marriage and how it can be eternal. They were so amazed at that, and excited to look forward to that ultimate goal beyond baptism. If things work out, they should be getting married this week, have the baby soon after, and hopefully be baptized on June 6th! We're so excited for them! That evening we met with the Robinsons, which we haven't been able to do for a while, so it was really good to get back in. He is struggling right now. There are just a lot of things going on, and he could definitely use prayers.

Saturday morning will possibly be the highlight of my mission. We had a mission conference, meaning that all 195 missionaries in the Missouri, St. Louis Mission gathered together to listen to Bishop Stevenson, the Presiding Bishop; Elder Soares, a member of the presidency of the Seventy; and Elder Cook, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. I don't think I've ever felt the Spirit so strong as I did during that two hours. They opened it up to questions for about the first hour and a half, and I got to ask about how they have learned to recognize and act upon the promptings of the Spirit. They each took time to answer, each in a slightly different way. At the end of the meeting, they each bore such a powerful witness that this church truly is the Church of Jesus Christ. The Spirit flooded the whole room. That evening we got transfer calls, and I am staying here in Maryland Heights with Elder Vergara! We're excited for another transfer together. It'll be great!

Sunday morning we had a special Stake Conference with Bishop Stevenson. He shared some neat thoughts about the importance of "Reclaiming the Sabbath" and giving it back to God. The Sabbath, particularly the Sacrament, really should be the center of our week. That evening we went over to the Walls again. We shared one of the Church's videos about temples. Afterwards, we had a wonderful discussion about how their family really can be made eternal. It was amazing to feel the Spirit once again fill the room and testify to him that truly can be. We probably sat there for a good minute or two in complete silence, letting the Spirit sink in and testify. It was amazing to see him start to tear up as he spoke of what he thought it would be like going through the temple. He knows that is where he wants to be. He knows this is true. He said it himself that it is only a matter of time.

It was such a wonderful week, full of powerful spiritual experiences. The Spirit truly is the ultimate test, for "by the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things." At the end of the mission conference, we all stood and sang "I Believe in Christ." I was blessed to be playing piano during it, and it was such an amazing feeling to hear the voices of nearly 200 missionaries united with the voice of an Apostle of the Lord, each sharing their own personal witness that Christ truly does live. 

I know He lives. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind about that. He lives, and I know that He leads this Church today. 

I love this work, and I love all of you!

The Church is True!


Elder Fullmer

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