Tuesday, September 30, 2014

week 13

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for all the great Birthday Wishes! It was quite a memorable birthday, for sure.
It's been a really good week this week, with lots of cool experiences.
On Tuesday evening, we were wondering who to go visit. It was pretty late, which makes us pretty hesitant to just drop by people's houses. We said a prayer, and a name popped into my head of a lady we've taught just once, but lost contact with afterwards. We were pretty skeptical at first, because she had kids that we thought she would be putting to bed. However, when we drove by there, it turns out that she had just got home and was standing outside on her porch! So we got to invite her to watch General Conference this weekend with us, which is hopefully going to work out.
On Saturday we were able to attend a baptism of someone in our ward who the Sister missionaries have been teaching for a while. I got to accompany a vocal number on the piano, which was a lot of fun to keep using my talents. The lady that was baptized, Debbie Gray, is the mother of a recent convert in our ward. She has such a strong testimony, and it was really neat to see the ward support and help her make such a special covenant with God.
On Thursday we went out to eat with our district, and as we were about to leave, we see this guy who helped us move a less active family in our ward a couple of weeks ago. He comes up to us and asks us how he can meet with us! That is a dream come true for any missionary!! So we set up to meet with him yesterday. He hardly speaks any English, so we brought a member of our ward who served a mission in Argentina ( I thought of you, Christian) to translate into Spanish. It was a really neat lesson. It felt good to be able to forget about what was being said and focus on what was being felt. The Spirit was definitely there, and we are excited to continue teaching this man, Jose.
Another one of our investigators, Ed, has sort of hit a brick wall. He believes all that we teach him, but he really doesn't want to leave all of his friends at his church. It is a difficult thing, because those people aren't bad people, and that church isn't bad, but there is so much MORE that he doesn't even realize he is missing out on. This Gospel requires sacrifice, but the blessings which come as a result are incomparable with whatever we had to give up.
Speaking of sacrifice, I read an amazing talk this week entitled "The Fourth Missionary." It talks about how we as missionaries have the opportunity to forfeit everything to the Lord. We have the chance to give up our desires and our thoughts, our strength and our energy, in order to serve Him. The talk made me realize that it really is easier when we give everything to the Lord, because when we hold nothing back, he is able to work with and use all of us in order to help this work go forward. It was a testimony building experience, for sure.
One of the scriptures from the talk was found in Psalms 40:8:
 "I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart."
I hope that I will be able to sacrifice my will in order to do the will of the Lord, because He really does know best in every case, regardless of how intelligent we may think we are.
I love this Gospel and I love this work!
The Church is True!
Elder Fullmer

[He also sent a few photos from the week:]

Inline image 4
He made the cake mix we sent. His favorite: Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. 

Inline image 3
He likes the only variable in his wardrobe...new ties!

Inline image 2
Inline image 1
Thought about sending him a BIG fork like we use for birthdays at home. But then we realized it might be a bit awkward at transfers. We settled for this one. :)

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